With these videos and free, online Greek class, you can walk with Bill through his textbook. With all our free Greek stuff, you can learn Greek.

With these videos and free online class, you can learn a little Greek and go deeper in your Bible study, all without the headaches of traditional language study.

With these videos and online class, you can walk with Gary and Miles through their textbook. Check out the free Hebrew stuff as well.

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I got caught ignoring my own advice. I have always said that before you preach or teach on a topic, you should check multiple translations to see if there is any significant difference in the text. This is especially true if you use the KJV, or if your church uses it and you read from a more modern translation.

I was lecturing on the spiritual blessings in Ephesians 1. I have always taught out of the ESV, but this time through I was trying the NIV. Paul calls us to praise God for all our spiritual blessings (v 3), and then he praises him by enumerating those blessings:


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Foundational Greek is done

We are glad to announce that all work is done for Foundational Greek. All videos. All homework. Eventually we will redo the screen casts in Accordance 11, but for now the class is done. On to Church Greek.

FlashWorks 5.0.1 (Windows)

I just updated the Windows version of FlashWorks to 5.0.1. All known bugs are resolved. (The Mac version was already at 5.0.1.)

FlashWorks (Hebrew) audio

We fixed the audio download for Hebrew on the Macintosh. We had accidentally posted wav versions, which is why FlashWorks wasn't saying the Hebrew words. The new download has mp3. Remember, we don't yet have vocabulary files for the meaning of the Hebrew words. Just the word itself.