Basics of Biblical Greek

Welcome to Basics of Biblical Greek

BBG has become the most used English-Greek textbook around the world. When it was first released, it introduced many innovations that are now common place in Greek classrooms. Over 250,000 students have used BBG to move past their English Bibles and into the Greek of the New Testament. It makes learning fun (almost fun for some), reduces memory work to a minimum, and is constantly reminding students why they are learning New Testament Greek.

We have created many resources to help you learn New Testament Greek, and they are summarized below. Perhaps most importantly, we have a free online class that walks with you step by step, word by word, exercise by exercise, through the textbook and workbook, and helps you get to a place where you can use New Testament Greek to read your Bible and study its message. The author has also recorded a DVD video series where he walks you though the chapters, and these can be purchased as DVDs or by online access.

Basics of Biblical Greek: Grammar

Click here for the basic information about the grammar, including:

  • sample downloads of the grammar,
  • differences between second and third editions,
  • corrections (errata),
  • videos by Bill on the grammar,
  • and much more.

Basics of Biblical Greek: Workbook

Click here for information on the workbook.

Video Lectures

Click here for special information on the video lectures the author has made to walk you through his grammar.

Resources (mostly free)

Click here for a listing of the resources we have built around Basics of Biblical Greek.

Online class

Most of the resources we have developed are available inside the free online class, including the free Chapter Overvies (i.e., summary lectures), vocabulary building tools, the online workbook, and sample quizzes. Click on "Online Classes" in the menu bar and choose your class.