Free Stuff for Greek

Most of the free resources are available in the free online Greek class (click "Online Classes" in the menu bar). For example, if you want to hear Bill read the exercises for Chapter 4, go to chapter 4 in the online class. This class includes includes:

  • Links to blogs for encouragement
  • Chapter overviews (formerly called, "Summary lectures") that can  be listened to online or download to your iPod, including study guides.
  • Access to the full lectures (for purchase)
  • Vocabulary (with standard and modern pronunciation) and memory mnemonics
  • Workbook exercises (with audio and text hints, and the answers)
  • Quizzes (we do not yet have answers posted)
  • Keynote presentations fo the workbook for display in class. (If you would like to do the PowerPoint version, please contact us.)

Answers for Basics of Biblical Greek

Answers to the exercises in the workbook are available in several formats.

Please report any errors using the contact page. Answer sheets are in Microsoft Word format using Times (for English) and TekniaGreek. They will need to be decompressed using Stuffit (for Macintosh) or a zip utility (for Windows, such as Stuffit or WinZip). PDF files require Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Other Free Resources to Learn Greek

Here are some other goodies to help you learn Greek, and perhaps to even make it a little fun.

You can purchase the following from Teknia

You can purchase the following from Amazon or CBD