New Testament Greek

Dr. Bill Mounce has taught New Testament Greek to over 300,000 students with his textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek. Now, in these video lessons, he will walk with you, chapter by chapter, through the textbook and help you learn how to read the Greek New Testament for yourself. If your goal is to read the New Testament in its original Greek, and to go deeper in your Bible study, then these lectures will help you achieve your goal. Click to see more information.

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How to buy.

You can buy the lectures on many different formats:

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You can watch several of the video lectures before you buy.

Other Free Resources

Our free online Greek class will also walk with you through Basics of Biblical Greek, helping you learn vocabulary, hints and answers for the workbook, encouraging devotionals and exegetical insights, and so much more.

FlashWorks, our free vocabulary building software, has been helping students memorize vocabulary for over ten years.

And there is so much more.


If you are unhappy with the lecture series and return them and the proof of purchase within 30 days of the invoice date in resalable condition, we will refund the purchase price (less PayPal charges and shipping).


These lectures are copyrighted by Dr. William Mounce. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing not to make copies of the lectures and give them to others. (You are more than welcome to make a copy to watch on your computer, iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and keep the dvds as backup.) We try to keep the price low enough so students can afford their own copies. Thank you.